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Please Join Us!

We cordially invite you to become a member of Historic Union Cemetery Association, whose purpose is to maintain this important historic landmark now, and for future generations. Your membership fee contributes to covering the cost of professional services and materials needed to continue restoration of the site. Furthermore, if you wish to volunteer time and effort, please join us on Wednesday afternoons for groundskeeping activities. You’ll get to know other members who feel the same way about keeping a part of Redwood City history alive.

You can print the form at the bottom of this page to mail with your membership or donation contribution. The Historic Union Cemetery Association (HUCA) is non-profit (CA#1854061), therefore your financial contribution is tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

Who are we?

The Historic Union Cemetery Association Board of Directors (aka "HUCA"). These folks are wonderful! In alphabetical order:
  • Abby Eller - Secretary
  • Chris Zanoni - Scouts - Membership
       email: chrisz[at]HistoricUnionCemetery[dot]com
  • Don Tomatis
  • Ellen Crawford - President
       email: ellen[at]HistoricUnionCemetery[dot]com
  • Jean Tomatis - Treasurer
  • Jim Munro
  • John Edmonds - Vice President
  • Linda Proctor
  • Susan McClellan
  • Valerie Matonis

What did we do in 2016?

    • Lathrop Fence
      • Painted the new patterns and posts.
      • Began assembling it on-site!
    • No Eagle Scout Projects! pipe fence painting project - 1 Boy scout had interest but we ran into lead paint.
    • MARKERS, FENCES, etc:
      • FONTANA: straightened 5 markers, placed our new Letta Durham marker, placed the new Philpott marker. Unfortunately, they did not straighten our GAR stones - they said it was too much work and would cost $10,100. to do 12 of them!
      • Put back into cemetery 2 wooden markers.
      • LATHROP FENCE: repainted all newly made pieces, erected 3 sections of fence. It is beautiful
      • Removed volunteer palm from Mezes Plot (thanks P&R) searched for buried tile pieces
      • finished cutting all the dead trees (thanks P&R)
  • HRAC PROJECT PROCESS: tried to streamline to process and flow-chart, but failed. The only thing we can do without the lengthy HUCA->HRAC-RWCPlanningCommission is re-paint.
    • TOURS - 9
      • 6 Public Tours: Halloween, History, Mothers Day, Victorian, 3-year-olds, Memorial Day Quick Tour
      • 3 Private tours - NSGW tour, Meetup Group, WiderCircle Group,
    • CLEANUP DAYS - 2: Mostly attacked the ivy. Many return groups from previous years.
      • Spring:~15 people
      • Fall:~34 people! More than I had planned for!
    • MEMORIAL DAY: Janet McGovern, speaker; Good sound system, ; Mayor Seibert as MC;ECV, ; my favorite, the Fife and Drum Group; gave a tour afterwards
  • Pruned 170 roses. *Please* - We could really use some help.
    • Many incremental changes
    • WEBSITE: scanned close to 5000 files from previous HUCA board members
  • PHOTOS: 2016 Events:

PHOTOS: 2015 Events:

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