The Grand Army of the Republic

The Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) was a fraternal organization composed of veterans of the Union Army, US Navy, US Marines and US Revenue Cutter Service who served in the American Civil War. Founded in 1866 in Decatur, Illinois, it was dissolved in 1956 when its last member died. Linking men through their experience of the war, the GAR became among the first organized advocacy groups in American politics, supporting voting rights for black veterans , lobbying the US Congress to establish veterans' pensions , and supporting Republican political candidates. Its peak of membership at more than 400,000 was in 1890, a high point of Civil War commemorative ceremonies. It was succeeded by the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War (SUVCW), composed of male descendants of Union veterans. (- Wikipedia)

Union Cemetery's GAR Members

Below is a list of the GAR members buried in Redwood City, followed by two pictures of them. We would love to be able to identify who is who in the picture. Do you know? Can you help?

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The 1886 Redwood City GAR unit, on the steps of the old Congregational Church at the corner of Jefferson and Middlefield
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1889 Gar Members in front of the Union Cemetery Soldier Statue

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